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Why Choose Android for Developing Mobile Applications?

Why Choose Android for Developing Mobile Applications?

Why Choose Android for Developing Mobile Applications?

The matter of convenience has brought us more requirements and demands. And today, this has brought us to the most beneficial means of mobile applications.

Today, most people prefer to have a mobile application for an e-commerce website or other knowledge-sharing website. This stands as a beneficial means for the sake of flexibility and better navigation.

Though you being a brand that is planning to develop a mobile application shouldn’t go by it for the common tongue. But rather with full confidence that asserts specific facts to a great extent listed down by the well-known android app development company in India.

Today, when you look at the market sphere, the leaders are none other than

But every common across the globe will recommend you to choose android over iOS. Want to know the reasons why?

In this article, let us explore some of the major reasons why we should go for an android application over iOS.


Android has a wider pool of customers in comparison to Apple’s iOS. This is because of the major differencein the functioning of the applications of both. Android follows anopen-source ecosystem while on the other hand, Apple’s iOS follows a closed ecosystem.

This denotes the fact that open source allows to connect with more devices and more content developers and customers. While closed ecosystem functions exceptionally with each other but not with outside devices.

The closed ecosystem creates limitations and restrictions which has led to the fact that only 25 billion iOS application downloads were witnessed to 90 billion android application downloads.


Due to the above-mentioned point, an android application has more innovative potential merits in comparison to iOS. The policies that the android application is in-built with gives the privilege to experiment and add services and updates that make it more functional.

Android gives the freedom to play around with it more effectively and positively. This platform encourages ideas thatare instrumental in creating more applications that work in favour of the users.

The unmatched value leaves a remarkable space in its own way. This gives us the android application more favourable and better. The greater innovation potential is a thing worth considering.


Google android makes installing process a convenient and easy one. It is not mandatory to download the applications on Google Play Store itself. But rather you can download it from other third-party members as well.

This makes it a strong point to invest in an android application in comparison to an iOS application. The android’s software development kit allows the applications directly on the device concerned.

The installation process also makes it available for a large number of thecrowd using it.

Convenient Marketing

Marketing is easy for android application because to develop it all you need to do isregister yourself as a developer and create your Android Package Kit (APK). This is extremely simpler in comparison to register yourself as an iOS application developer.

A mobile application of android can be updated on the Google Play Store end number of times as possible as per the feedbacks and reviews of the customers or users.

With the efficiency of the update, the right mobile application development can get in the right terms. Convenient marketing is a process worth considering for investing.

Affordable And Reasonable

According to the leading android app development company in India, the most effective merit of android is its affordability. These applications are designed and created for people from diverse backgrounds.

A number of free downloads are available here and this makes it highly used and appreciated. Various companies are launching their applications under android due to the affordable range.

Free or inexpensive applications make a long way to the popularization of the same among the customers and users.

Applications are a great way to connect with the customer today. The high-end requirement of the same is commendable and worth exploring.

There are numerous other benefits. Such as

These factors together make up a unique form of existence on the internet effortlessly. The more you explore the world of android, the better you will know about the efficiency of the same.

Now, that you are fully aware of the commendable profits, what are you waiting for?

Connect with us and get the best user-friendly application soon!

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