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Website Maintenance Company

Website Maintenance Company

Website Maintenance Company

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In the times of digital, if you are somebody with a striving and flourishing business and you want to take it to the next level, you must be aware that how important it is for you to build your presence online. In doing so, you need to set up your website online to attract online visitors. In the times when every other business needs a website of its own, the meagre spend of a few bucks will get your business active online, however, the poor quality and interface of your website would later come running with a great deal of trouble. Webindia master is a digital marketing agency that caters to all your website-related needs. We offer top-notch website maintenance services, ensuring an excellent user interface and well-maintained website, that fits perfectly into your budget.

What Is A Website Maintenance Company?

Once your website is set up, it needs regular maintenance to expand its customer base, while retaining the existing customers. A website maintenance company aims to provide all-inclusive website support services to help grow your online business by delivering an error-free responsive website that helps you generate leads and create big revenue. 

Webindia master is a website maintenance company in Delhi that offers customized solutions to all your website maintenance needs like no other. A wide range of services like website speed, looking for bugs and fixes, safe and secured from hackers, analytics, regular software update and functionality are delivered within the given time constraints. We aim to provide long-term and short-term solutions to help your website reap the benefits of online growth and marketing. 

What do website maintenance services include?

Your website should be modelled in such a way that it promotes your business by making it known all over the internet. Therefore, it becomes necessary to get your website maintained to  check if there are no broken links or any kind of errors. Website maintenance services include regular monitoring of webpages to rectify any issues related to content updates, bug fixing, troubleshooting, website speed, and updating security software, ensuring the smooth and proper functioning of the website.

What Do We Offer?

Webindia master is a top website maintenance company in India that aims at improving customer engagement by building brand awareness, improving website traffic and search engine ranking. Our services include:-

Scanning for vulnerabilities and site speed

Website Speed optimization by fixing broken links and HTML errors. 

Website Optimization

Data-based optimization and on-page optimization for all the existing and new pages of the website. The website backup is performed regularly to ensure the latest version of the website is available at any point in time.  

Updating security and fixing errors

Fixing all forms of errors such as crawling and indexing errors, troubleshooting database errors, along with looking up to prevent XSS attacks.

Content updates with plugin integrations

To update the website with all types of content updates, core, and plugin integrations.

Modifying images and infographics

The addition, deletion, or re-designing of the existing pictures to modify the website to ensure it is up-to-date with the latest technological standards. Optimization of images with changes in background and colour is also offered in our website maintenance package.

Regular software update

Regular software updates in your website provide new improved features with speed enhancements that aim at making the end-user experience better.

Search engine optimization

SEO includes recognizing the issues that are affecting your website’s rank. It includes both on-page and off-page SEO elements. Regular auditing of your website’s SEO to improve your website’s functionality and performance.

Website design

To make a few tweaks to the website design by adhering to the client’s requirements.


Regular google search console monitoring and bug fixing. To derive insights for your website from the analytics point of view.

Monitoring and removal of spam content

Monitoring spam content by running a weekly security scan for the website. Clearing all log and junk files present on your website regularly.

What Are The Benefits Of Website Maintenance?

It only takes about 0.05 seconds for a user to make an opinion about your website, so if your website fails to load in a few fractions of seconds, how will you expect to gain any profits from your online business?

When a customer experiences dissatisfaction, they do not visit that website again. Therefore, website maintenance can be a make or break for your business. Some benefits of website maintenance are:-

How Often Should You Do Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is crucial and can be a task if your website contains scores of web pages.

It depends on the size and complexity of your website to decide how often it has to be maintained. It is recommended that your website maintenance should be done once a month to keep it relevant and updated with the latest trending technology. If maintenance of the website is not done regularly, the website might become slow and inefficient gradually losing its value. Depending on the type of your website, the maintenance can be done weekly, monthly or yearly.


If your website is made on a content management system like WordPress or if you have an E-commerce store website, then you should most likely take weekly maintenance for your website. Blogs and articles should also be updated.


Many online businesses like to view their conversion rates on a month-to-month basis. To have a brief idea, if you are the owner of an E-commerce store, you should purchase something every month from your store to zero in on the issues and problems that are impacting your website’s performance.


Yearly maintenance or monitoring is often done to make sure your website falls under the guidelines set by Google.

However, yearly maintenance is not a good idea if your website sells utility services that have a huge customer engagement, hence capturing more and more visitors' footfall every coming day. It becomes imperative for websites like such to get their websites maintained weekly, to enhance the user experience.

Website Maintenance Cost

Getting your website maintained by a team of professionals is a sound choice. Dealing with experts who are familiar with the best practices for enhancing your website’s performance can shoot up your online business presence. Website maintenance cost totally depends on the function and size of your website. Maintaining your WordPress blog will comparatively cost you less than an E-commerce website.

Webindia Master aims to provide the best website maintenance service package, essentially customized according to the needs and requirements of the client. The services in the package are made in accordance with the size of your website, however providing unique key insights for your business to develop into a best-selling business online, makes Webindia Master different from other website maintenance companies in Delhi.  

Website Maintenance Packages

When it comes to website maintenance packages it highly depends on the type of your website: whether it is an e-commerce, a small business, or a large one. You might want to look for some basic requisites in every website maintenance package like handling technical issues with a good user interface, domain registration, SSL certificates, and hosting. The more advanced services include designing and marketing strategies. The average website maintenance cost ranges somewhere between $100–$5,000/month. Maintenance of websites as huge as Amazon and Myntra require even more bucks to be shelled out. Depending on your website maintenance requirements and needs, the website maintenance package cost vary from business to business. 

Our Team of Professionals For All Your Website Maintenance Needs 

It is a deal breaker for some customers if your website fails to provide a user-friendly experience once they land on your website. Webindia Master is a website maintenance company in India that offers a one-stop solution relating to all your website maintenance needs. Our highly skilled team of professionals offers unique solutions that can help improve the overall site’s performance.


Our Work

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Allow us to answer your questions.

  • Q: What are website maintenance services?

    A: Website maintenance is the regular checking up on your website for issues and errors to keep your website updated with the latest technological standard to help it stay relevant.
  • Q: Why should I invest in website maintenance services?

    A: Website maintenance services can help you strengthen your website’s SEO, improving its google ranking to attract more traffic and generate more leads and revenue. A professional team of experts will ensure a healthy user interface so that once a visitor lands on your website, they might as well be converted into regular customers.
  • Q: What do website maintenance packages in India include?

    A: A website maintenance package includes services like regular updates, backups, website monitoring, checking for viruses and bugs, SEO, content updates, addition or deletion of pages, and optimization. Webindia Master offers customized website maintenance packages depending on your website requirements and needs.
  • Q: Is website maintenance a fixed cost?

    A: No, website maintenance does not have a fixed cost. It depends on the services that you want to select for your website. Most common services like SSL certification, and software or web hosting renewal are essential and bear almost fixed costs, depending on the complexity of your website. Services like SEO, marketing and designing bear higher costs. It totally depends upon the website maintenance package that you deem fit for your website.
  • Q: How much do website maintenance services cost?

    A: Website maintenance services costs may vary according to the size of your website. A small website should expect to spend about $100/month as a minimal charge. For mid-size websites, the cost ranges between $400-$500/month, while for larger businesses, the website maintenance cost may go beyond $1000/month.
  • Q: What is the average cost of website maintenance in India?

    A: The average website maintenance cost in India may vary from INR 5000/month to INR 5,00,000/month. Website maintenance service would depend on the complexity of your website.
  • Q: What are the benefits of hiring a website maintenance service for a business website?

    A: A well-maintained website is essential for a company to attract and retain its customers. Just as we fall sick if we do not go for regular checkups which are important to maintain the healthy functioning of our bodies, similarly whether a big business or a smaller one, regular monitoring of the website ensures smooth functioning, generating a healthy user experience.
  • Q: How often do websites need maintenance?

    A: It is a good idea to maintain your website at least once a month, but if you have an E-commerce website which has a large number of customers, it is advisable to have your website maintained weekly, to look out for any technical issues or errors which is causing trouble in your website.
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