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Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate video marketing Services

Tell your story in a way that makes people stop and stare

WebIndia Master is making its way to the top as a desirable Corporate Video Production Company. We are known to weave a beautiful story through videos that narrate your story in a way that seeks the attention of multiple people at a single glance. The reports show that more and more businesses are shifting towards the video communication that is easy to understand, comprehensible and attractive. Videos on corporate websites are beneficial for the company as they can share their messages more clearly and explain complex products and services in an interesting manner. On the other hand, the viewers are saved from the trouble of reading the whole process that sometimes gets boring and confusing. Give us a chance to make corporate videos for you and see why it is a better and trusted way of corporate communication.

Corporate video marketing  process

Corporate Video Production Process

The process of video production followed by WebIndia Master is completely different and rewarding. We pay acute attention to every step and assure that every pace is taken after putting a lot of thought into it. The process that we follow is as follows:

video production strategy

1 Setting Objectives -

The objectives of the corporate video can differ according to the domain, aims of the organization, the market demand, product specification, current needs of the situation and other such factors. At the brainstorming stage, the first step is to set a clear objective as to what the organization wants to achieve.

2 Research The Market -

Everything that corporate does is meant to interest the market it deals with. Gaining the interest and attention of the consumers is not as easy it seems to be. It requires a lot of effort and before that, a lot of research. Before deciding the core message that has to be shared, our team studies the market you deal with and makes the video accordingly.

3 Decide The Message -

The message that is to be shared with the audience is then decided and worked upon. There can be various tones of a message such as humorous, emotional or instructive. Being one of the most reliable promotional video companies, we make sure that the tone and message overlap each other beautifully.

4 Develop Message Into Story -

A beautiful and unique message can be reduced to shreds if it is not developed into an equally impressive form of a story. We put our best efforts and creativity to make the message turn into an exquisite story that impresses people at a single glance.

5 Scripting -

Any story is incomplete without scripting and storyboards. They are the foundation pillars behind the story on whose basis the message is communicated with the audience. Our team effectively does the scripting that makes the story come out as enticing and appealing.

6 Recording and Editing -

When the whole story is planned in the head and written on papers, the next step shall be to beautifully presented in the form of videos. We use professional cameras and editing software to record and edit the projects skilfully.

7 Analyze the Success -

After the video is made and presented in front of the audience, the success that is sought with the efforts is estimated. The videos might bring changes like more conversion rates, longer visitor stays or the audience’s appreciation.

Types of Corporate Video Production:


Who said animated characters are only for children? We will take you to the exciting world of animation for the corporate sector with the brilliantly designed videos we make.

Brand Animation Videos -

Creating a brand image is an arduous task that can be put to ease with the use of animated videos. Animated videos strike the right cord and engage the viewers with its impressive presentation skills. The brand identity reaches more people when it is shared in a manner that is interesting to see and the information that is shared through the means of animated video grabs the eyeballs of various people at once.

Corporate Animation Videos -

The researches shows that the human brain is capable to store the images 60,000 times more than it can retain text. The corporate animations are selling like hotcakes all over the world and making every jaw drop. The animated characters overwhelm the audience of diverse ages and inspire them to watch the whole video and that is how a corporate is able to transmit the intended message to the audience.

Explainer Animation Videos -

Even the instant noodles cannot be prepared in 2 minutes, but your entity can seek the interest of the audience in this period or less than that. Sounds impossible? Our team can make it turn true with the help of sensational explainer animation videos. The videos explain the complex issues in quite a catchy way that is also very easy to understand.

Social Media Animation Videos -

Social Media can be really benevolent when it comes to promoting a product, service or company. However, social media puts more weightage on the strategy with which content is shared rather than what is shared. Social Media Animation videos are purposely designed for seeking the attention of the people on various media platforms. This method is out of the box and puts your company at a pedestal where you can look down at your competitors.


Case Study Videos -

The happy customers are the most formidable earnings of a corporate and it takes blood and sweat to satisfy the needs of the customers. However, the process behind the success is crucial and shall be shared with others. Our team skilfully makes the videos of the case studies in which your tireless efforts are recorded and shared with the people to excite them and tell them what is all included to make the customer smile and satisfied.

HR Videos -

If you want to add glitter and shine to the HR department and all its working, then you need to take the help of one of the ardent Promotional Video Companies. We add value to your work by showcasing the corporate culture or improving the process for attracting, interviewing, training the staff.

Internal Videos -

81% of businesses are already using videos as a tool for communication and promotion. Out of them, 99% claims that they have sought multiple benefits out of it and hence, they will continue using this method in the future as well. The Internal videos are used as a brilliant method for communication between the employers and transfers the message easily and in an impressive manner.

Recruitment Videos -

The people who are unknown to your company and its working need to be informed in an unforgettable manner. The recruitment videos designed by us include the various aspects of the company and are aimed to attract the attention of the once who are applying for a working position.

Testimonial Videos -

If you have happy customers, you deserve to add testimonial videos to your website. These videos record the reactions of the customers who have already dealt with you and wish to share feedback with the world. The people who are confused about whether to deal with your company or not will be motivated to choose your products or services after seeing the testimonial videos.

Training Videos -

The fresh staff needs to be trained and told about the various rules and working standards of the company and no one can explain one thing again and again with full detailing. Here, the training videos serve a major role and share every important aspect of working with the new talent recruited.

Lead Generation Videos -

Recently, video marketing has turned out to be a major influential factor in terms of lead generation for the company. The lead generation campaigns presented by us for our clients make them stand out from the competitors and convert the visitors into buyers rather easily.

B2B Videos -

The businesses that are engaged with selling the products directly to another company shall not take the competition lightly. It is an intense market where everyone wishes to reach the top. Hence, we offer dramatic and attractive B2B videos with which appealing and explaining the complexities of a product or service becomes easy.


Have a special event? Do not let it go uncaptured in a professional way and mesmerizing style.

Conference Videos -

Being the top-level Animation Video Production Company, we are very particular about detailing and perfection. Henceforth, we capture the special and important conferences and present it to you after editing it with precision so that none of the consequential parts are missed and the viewers can understand the message clearly.

Exhibition Videos -

Different companies use diverse tools and platforms to widen their reach. Exhibitions are a way to seek the attention of the people who might not have heard about the company before. We acutely record the happenings in an exhibition and display as to how successful the event has been for the company.


Want to make product marketing easy and fast? Utilize the benefits of promotional videos that we weave with intelligence and creativity.

Demo Videos -

If you are seeking a Corporate Video Production Company that is aimed to shoot the profits, then you must take the help of Demo videos. It is self-explanatory and helps to introduce your products and its multiple benefits to the viewers that ensure that they take more interest in whatever you sell.

Product Videos -

Make the customers happy by telling them how the product they are investing in can be used. The customers might be unaware of the various uses of the product you sell and in such a case, the product video that we will make for you can attract the customers and persuade them to go for the product in the future as well.

Why WebIndia Master?

WebIndia Master is counted as one of the rapidly flourishing Promotional Video Companies that is making its way towards success. Our production process is unique and all our employees put their best efforts to meet the standards. See our earlier projects to notice the idiosyncratic ways we employ to make your dreams turn into reality.

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Allow us to answer your questions.

  • Q: What are the recruitment videos?

    A: Every company wishes to hire the best of talent under it. The recruitment strategy is aimed to strike the attention of the most potential candidates and the recruitment videos do the same. These videos consist of the benefits and responsibilities that an employee will be granted, once he/she is hired. The most formidable Corporate Video Production Company will offer you the best videos and ideas within a limited time period.
  • Q: Are animated videos used only for informal content?

    A: Animated videos are impressive and arresting, but seldom they are confused to be meant only for children or to promote informal content. However, it is not true as animated videos can be used to explain complex situations easily. The companies Expert in Video Creation can serve you with the most ravishing videos without drilling a hole in your pocket.
  • Q: Can corporate videos completely replace the written content?

    A: The search engines keep on updating their requirements according to the market changes. Recently, the digital world is appreciating the power of corporate videos and thus, it is able to be hugely accepted by different kinds of websites. However, none of the Promotional Video Companies claims that the videos can fully replace the written texts.
  • Q: Do videos slow down the loading speed of the websites?

    A: Depending on the CMS and the video file size, it is highly debatable if the videos can slow down the loading speed of websites or not. But, one is advised not to overstuff the website with a lot of videos or longer videos for better and smoother functioning of the website.
  • Q: How are the case study videos helpful for brand promotion?

    A: The case study videos are useful in showing the efforts and hard work that was put in to complete a project. The case study videos and brand animation videos shall be made to highlight the process used by the companies and it will help in attracting the audience and as a result, improving the brand identity.
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