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5 Shocking SEO Facts You Never Knew!

5 Shocking SEO Facts You Never Knew!

Facts of Digital Platforms!

5 Shocking SEO Facts You Never Knew!

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According to the SEO company in India, Search Engine Optimization is a service that helps any website to rank better on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). SEO process also focuses to earn traffic organically. This stands as one of the primary lead-generating services.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best services that have diverse benefits for any firm or brand. The types of benefits associated with this service are as follows:

  • Exclusive reputation online.
  • Builds undeniable online visibility.
  • Increases traffic organically.
  • Leads to higher sales.
  • Improves content marketing to a great extent.
  • Link building keeps evolving.
  • Enhanced Google map visibility.
  • Global reach and acceptance.

But there are numerous forms of facts that you are not aware of yet. The hidden facts of the world of SEO are always a mystery to solve. And if you are a beginner, then you will enjoy this phase way too much.

Exploring and understanding a topic like SEO makes it convenient for us in future. As per the nature of technology, there is no going back from SEO. And hence, the need to understand this service in and out is significant.

SEO is used by every sector these days. Such as SEO for startups, non-profit organizations, ecommerce SEO services, health care, travel, and tourism, global SEO services, educational institutions, and so on.

Today, let us explore the facts that you had been missing over the period about SEO without wasting any minute right away.

So, are you ready to unfold an interesting piece of information? Let’s go!


    Google, generally ranks results that are popularly trending. This is why every SEO web page talks about the essence of the content. The content that is reigning among the top makes it convenient for Google to classify, crawl, and index it as per necessity.

    The number of inbound links pointed at the event page won’t make it work unless your content is capable of matching with the trend. The more you ensure to have a piece of the profit, the better you can rank in favour.


    One video on your every website has the ability to rank on the top. People prefer videos over text that are short and informative of the content they are searching for. This has brought us to the fact that Google beholds a special place for YouTube.

    This traces the fact that a YouTube channel that can attract more people is a must. The more you ensure to have digital prosperity, the better you can grow over this phase.


    Google can detect objects on a picture. And if your multimedia possesses various forms of objects that work in favour of ranking, then you should create more.

    Object detection also helps in ranking better among others. The technological future holds strong visibility of the day when Google shall rank results as per the images as well.


    The major hack of also receiving more click-throughs is that you can have your website get traffic by having a meta description that is under 155 characters. The meta description makes it convenient for us to have an insight as to what to expect from this click.

    This helps them be sure of what they are getting into. A meta description cannot be underestimated. Hence, this makes the need for titles bars, meta descriptions, and Alt tags be more specific and accurate.


    You should know that fact that is undeniable. Only the top 5 results on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) gets 75% of clicks. Every other result is overlooked by the users. In fact, for users’ other results are incredible and thus does not hold value.

    This brings us to the fact that having an accurate ranking is important to get through the process evidently achieving success simultaneously.

But how do you do that?

For this, all you need to do is to hire the leading ecommerce SEO company in India.

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