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Educational Website Development Company India

educational website development company india

In today's era, students judge the quality and work process of an organisation by only browsing it through the internet. The website plays an essential role to speak about the standards of every educational institution. A proper website is a major attraction to provide an informative path to the audience. Gradually many schools and institutions are trying to make a long-lasting impact on the vision of a lot of people across the world.

If you want to create an impressive online platform, then Webindia Master is the best Educational Website Development Company In India. Whether you're having an old site or want to establish a fresh one, our developers with expertise create, customize and deliver extraordinary projects according to your needs. We provide a relevant educational website for schools, colleges, academies, institutes, training boards, online education plans, education portals and universities.

Importance of seeking Web consultant services for your Educational Institutes

No matter what the business, the cut-throat competition can be seen everywhere. To stay ahead of the game, you need to put all the effort into making your business promoted in front of the right section of the audience. The majority of students browse about the services, facilities and courses offered by the educational institutes on the internet. They also check the faculties, syllabus, schedules, curriculum, extracurricular activities of the institute. Hence an informative website helps to gain maximum attention from the students. We at Webindia Master specialize in designing attractive educational websites, which includes every minute detail about the facilities at the institute. We prioritize our client requirements and do customized designing as per their requirements. Our websites give the same resolution quality whether viewed on the laptop, PC or a mobile screen.

Let's find out how you can benefit from seeking Educational Web development Services:

college website design india

Attracting huge traffic

An attractive website, with a user-friendly interface, helps to generate huge traffic. It grabs the attention of the users online. It helps them to explore details about the institute without personally visiting the institute. When your website gains popularity, your institute gains popularity. Hence, you get the required leads for your institute. Your online presence helps to influence the majority of students.

Spreading information

An informative website helps to spread reliable information about your institute among the students. The students can conveniently explore the website to know more about the courses, fee structure, campus placements, facilities, academics, teaching faculty, and other services offered by the institute.

Positive Influence

Having a customized educational website for your institute helps to create a positive influence among the students. They think that the institute is well reputed by recognizing its digital presence.

Global reach

A website helps in enticing an audience from all over the world.

SEO Services for Educational Institutes

Search Engine Optimization is what pushes your web presence to the top of the search results and if you think that only manufacturing businesses need the SEO, then you cannot be more wrong. A business such as a school or a college also requires to be at the top of search results. If someone uses Google to find “Best University in XYZ(area)” and your competitor’s name pops up in the result, it can be estimated that the searcher will go to your rival institute without even approaching your business. People are blindly trusting the internet and the information provided on the World Wide Web. Hence, no matter how much better your services are, as compared to your competitors, if your name doesn’t rank up in the Search Engine Results, you are missing a lot of potential audiences. That is why we are concerned with providing the SEO services that are ideal according to your business, the type and the size of the educational institute you own.

Our highly professional SEO team, nails at developing excellent SEO strategies and techniques, as per client requirements. Our strategies are time tested and targeted at yielding results. We use the most trending keywords after performing extensive research to improve rankings for your existing website and to build higher rankings for newly launched websites. With our excellent SEO services, we rank as the topmost Web design company in India.

Digitized Promotion and Branding

Advertising is a non-personal marketing technique that has been in the form since businesses were invented. It is used to market the products, services or an organization in front of the masses. Educational institutes such as Schools, Colleges and Universities also need promotion on different platforms, especially Social Media. A massive amount of the population is busy on their phones, scrolling the pages of different social media platforms from up and down. If any organisation is promoted in such spaces, it will gain more attention and views as compared to the banners on the roadside and pamphlets distributed to the homes. We offer SMO services to different businesses, including schools and colleges as well to enlarge their reach.

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Special features of our website:

Simplified UI

A website with a simplified user interface helps to generate maximum traffic. Hence, we always prioritize designing websites that are user friendly and easy to navigate.

HD resolution on all screens

Our websites when viewed on any screen whether on a laptop or PC or even on a mobile screen can be viewed in HD resolution. We prefer posting HD images of the institute for better image quality.

Good graphics

Graphic design plays a key role in designing a website. Good graphics help in generating maximum user traffic on site. Our team of expert developers excels when it comes to graphic designing. We use user-friendly fonts, with a correct hierarchy, and proofread our content. We seek support from Adobe illustrator and Adobe Image for developing excellent logos and graphics.

Easy interactive language

Our dedicated team of content writers prioritize using interactive and user-friendly language for the website. This helps in easy communication of the information among the users and promotes a better understanding of the goals and objectives of the institute. This further helps to establish an indirect link between the students and the institute.

Customization as per client needs

We excel in the field of customized website designing. Our client requirements are our priority and we appreciate it when we exceed their expectations with our services. We research and analyse their goals and services and design accordingly. Hence, we aim for maximum client satisfaction.

Highly informative

Our team of highly skilled developers conducts excellent research about the institute, its courses, faculties, goals, services and try to cover every single piece of information for our website.

Performance and Loading Speed

Users prefer reaching out to websites that load speedily. Hence, we design websites that load quickly and are compatible with all browsers.

User Security

Providing a secure and reliable website to our clients is our priority. Our websites are designed to be threat-safe and secure from the risk of hacks. We ensure maximum security for user passwords as they are not displayed in plain text.

These above-mentioned specifications make us rank among the leading Education Web development Companies.

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What goes into making a reliable and SEO friendly Website?

Planning and Research

We perform extensive research and planning before creating a website for our customers. We research their aims, goals and objectives and then begin building websites as per their requirements.

Proposing designs

In the next step, we propose several designs for the Logos, content and graphics of the website to our clients and as per their requirements.

Client Approval

Once the client approves the desired design for his website, we start working on the website creation.

Post Website Development Services

We are not restricted to providing website services, but also offer post web development services too. You can contact us for updating or revising web content for your website, or for including any other changes.

LMS Web Consultation Services

The Learning Management System is one of the most popular and emerging educational trends these days. It targets a specific learning process and makes use of interactive and fun methods to ensure maximum participation of students. The aim is to promote learning interactively and creatively. Realizing the urgent requirement of this ongoing learning pattern, we offer excellent and effective strategies for the Learning Management System services offered by your institute. We provide innovative and creative ideas and techniques that will make learning fun for students and will generate maximum traffic on your website.

We offer the best tools and techniques for monitoring student performance, participation and attendance towards these learning activities. Our team of developers provides a responsive design, which makes it easily accessible for the students on any device of their choice. We even offer a simple UI to ensure maximum participation from the students.

college website design india

Why Choose Us?

As a widely renowned School Website Development Company, we deliver SEO friendly, responsive, attractive and genuine projects to gain a higher online presence and reach to the potential customer in a limited time frame. We work in providing every single information regarding the education like circular, schedules/timings, exam results, events or activities, syllabus, notices and other latest updates under the same roof. Not only this, we define the achievements and awards marked by the teachers in an effective manner that ensures to build a great reputation for an organisation.

As College Website Design India, we comprehend and take a complete burden of your goals on our shoulders. Our impressive layouts, templates, fonts, colour, images and other useful strategies guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We believe in maintaining a lifelong relationship with our clients. Come and let's create bigger things together. Hire us today!

Brands We Have Worked With

We are glad to serve them our services have been appreciated by these clients

Honda India Power
Groupe SEB
Bajaj Group
The Sales Academy
Wave Infratech
CK Birla Hospital
Welcom Heritage
Vardaan Hospital
Maharaja whiteline
Pluss Clothing
Ultra News tv

Creativity is our cornerstore and customer satisfaction is our goal.

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  • Q: Why do educational institutes need an online presence?

    A: In the modern-day competition, the businesses are facing the risk of losing their potential customers on a daily basis. Hence, no matter what business you do run, you can take a lot of advantage from making an online presence and digitalisation. The best Educational Website Development Company India will present an amazing website in front of you which can help you fetch more potential candidates. Also, a website might help you to communicate with the masses in a smoother way.
  • Q: How does the SERP ranking affect the educational institutes’ brand identity?

    A: Making a brand reputed in the market might take years, but with the help of an online presence through a website, you might be able to make it in numbered days. The SERP ranking shall be paid acute attention to, as the lower it is, the lower the brand identity. A formidable School Website Development Company can help you alleviate your rankings.
  • Q: What is Educational CMS development?

    A: The kinds of Content Management System used for developing a website affects its functioning and appearance. Educational CMS development shall be done in accordance with the latest market requirements. The top-notch College Website Designs India employs the usage of Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. These CMS are easy to access and have a great loading speed.
  • Q: How fruitful is it to have an educational app developed?

    A: Developing a website is the first step towards online success, and the second and more important one is to have an educational app developed. It will be convenient for the management, students and teachers to be in touch with the institute with the help of a mobile-based application.
  • Q: How does an educational website ease the flow of communication?

    A: Communication between the faculty, students and the parents shall be open and easy. However, it becomes very difficult to pass on a message from one source to multiple in a jiffy. Hence, the introduction of the educational websites acts as a boon in such a scenario, making the flow of communication faster and direct.


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