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A case study of Casio, an Ecommerce company

A case study of Casio, an Ecommerce company

How an Ecommerce skyrocketed in a highly competitive market

WebIndia master has structured an e-commerce channel for the famous watch brand Casio, the results were phenomenal. This case study will help you understand our clients, the challenges they were facing and how Webindia Master helped them attain the desired results.

Ecommerce sector is a highly competitive sector where relevancy is the most important factor. Brands constantly need new ways to be updated and maintain their customer base.

Hence, here is a case study of our client Casio, an example of even if you are a well established name still need to operate in order to stay relevant, how an  Ecommerce SEO Company in India helped our client:

Overview of our Client

Casio is a renowned name in their sector. Casio Computer Ltd is the parent company of Casio India co Pvt Ltd, established in 1996. True to its motto "creativity and contribution” has further gone into being a cult brand. We connected with the brand for the first time in 2012 where we developed various microsites, their contentment with work made us the sole incharge of their main e-commerce channel in 2015.

Brand Concerns

When the band came to us the challenges they were facing and were unable to acquire.

One of the main problems they were facing before they took the decision to change their vendor was the lack of support . Their expectations with the website and in general were not met; they wanted to explore and expand more but were unable to due to technicality. A company with a prestigious  name was unable to generate the level of leads they desired.They needed SEO help, for which Ecommerce SEO Company in India, Helped them gain traffic.

Solutions provided by webIndia Master

As the client onboarded with our team we drew a roadmap to their success

As soon as Casio connected with Webmaster India our core aim was to provide the best technology and service, that is one thing we try to create with every client with our Website Designing Company in Delhi we excel in Ecommerce management services .The foremost thing was to create a Multi Vendor ecommerce platform with the most advanced technology.

We Designed a sound backend system for their internal management. Also, came up  with a flawless  automated satellite system that is integrated with stock control for better efficiency. Developed a fully customised website delivered prior 2 months than the committed date also would say rather a successful delivery. As a SEO Company in Delhi,Once the platform and channel was created we focused on Marketing, SEO to attain organic web results. It's never a one time performance.

We thrive to always perform better than the last time and try to outdo ourselves such as on 1st october 2021 we created a new website in REACT technology converted from core PHP, resulting in three times better performance. With our  Website Designing Company in Delhi we delivered the latest technology.

Measures taken that made them stay ahead of the game

Results we observed in the process

It's been 10 years since we first delivered our first service, the bond has only grown stronger with the management since. We have developed about 10-12 websites for them alongside micro websites or to handle any project from HongKong and with our speciality as a SEO Company In India helped with keyword research and ranking.

We have worked as an In-house team. None of our clients ever saw us as a third party agency, we are always ready to give our expertise round the clock.

As with our client Casio we have many late night brainstorming sessions to resolve any issue. The aim was not to just create a website it has also gotten 10 times more traffic.

The organic web results have been mind blowing, in many keywords we rank higher than our competitors Flipkart and Amazon. As with our strong SEO Company In India, the growth has skyrocketed 20 times.

The results of the keywords can also be seen below.

As mentioned above the keywords used for a better organic research, hereby sharing a few illustrations for an in depth understanding.

Casio watches for Men

Multi Dial Watches

Sheen Watches

Scientific Calculator Price

The trust from our clients and the results of the work keeps us going everyday. We hope this case study will help you understand the different aspects of expertises a team of professionals offer in order to achieve the results and establish a brand.

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