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Hospital Industry

Hospital Industry

Hospital Industry

Hospital Industry

Case Study - Hospital Industry

Here is a case study of WebIndia Master’s work to accentuate the reputation and brand of the hospital industry. The company is dealing with a number of hospitals at the same time, belonging to different areas and having expertise in various domains related to health. This digital marketing company in Delhi is catering to the needs of various clients such as Vardaan Hospital, Abortion Hospital and a lot more. After carefully studying the results produced for the medical industry, one shall take the final decision of investing in the services of the WebIndia Master or not sagaciously.

About The Client

The Hospital Industry is a combination of the sector that looks after the various needs of the patients. Hospitals, abortion centres, dental clinics and other such businesses fall in the category of the medical industry. The right clinics or hospitals need to be pushed up on Google or another search engine’s result pages for better visibility. The health of the people is the most important thing to be considered in life, but when it declines, a trusted doctor shall be reached. People are finding the best clinics and hospitals with the help of internet search, and thus the hospitals with the best equipment, trained doctors, and clean environment must be shown ahead of the other competitors who are in the field with the sole motive of making a profit. In order to beat the competition and rise high on the SERPs, the client needs the support of best SEO services that can be provided by the most trusted Digital Marketing Agency In Delhi. Here, the role of WebIndia Master works like wonder in helping the businesses to make progress.

Challenge Faced

There is a lot of competition in all the business industries and the Hospital Industry is no different than the rest. There are multiple big and small hospitals in the country and even clinics that claim to provide the best services. But, in this competitive environment, it is important for the right and trusted hospitals to beat all the competition and thrive with success. Vardaan Hospital had great ambience and trusted services, still, it was facing the problem of less visibility on the Internet. On the other hand, Abortion Hospital was known to deliver great experiences for abortion and termination of pregnancy in a legal way, but it lacked organic traffic. These hospital industries reached the WebIndia Master with the hope of being served with the most helpful digital marketing services in Delhi. The team of WebIndia Master sat with the clients and learnt about their working, their aims, the period in which they wish to achieve good rankings, the amount of money they were willing to invest, the services they have been offering and a lot more things. After all the necessary analysis, the master plan was built that needed to be followed for the best results in the shortest period.


The most effective solution for the higher rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages is the better digital marketing practices. However, no one plan can work for all the industries in a similar way. Some website needs one service more than another one. In the case of Vardaan, the content was not much attractive and informative, WebIndia Master’s team deeply studied the content and found the right keywords which would raise the rankings of the website in a short while. The list of related keywords was put in a smart way in the content displayed under different sections of the website, blogs and articles. On the other hand, the Abortion Hospital had an appealing content posted for it, but the backlinking and coding of the website were some problematic areas. The team of WebIndia Master worked for making the page loading faster and easier. The elements on the website were placed in an appreciable manner. The website became easy to load on the various devices including mobile, tablets and iPhones. The coding was safeguarded so that no external party can disturb the functioning of the website and no details shall be leaked.

Most Fruitful Practices

WebIndia Master is aimed to present the clients with the services that are above their level of expectations. So, the team worked hard not just for improving the errors, but also adding the services that are meant to make a strong reputation of the company in the market. Backlinking, Social Media Promotion, Banner formation, etc were done for the better performance of the website. Presently, the branding of these hospital industry websites is better than what it had before and all this is the result of the digital marketing services that were done to accentuate their positions. The perfect and customised combination of On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO was utilised to reach the goal set. The links were improved, broken links were improved, the content was added timely on the website and guest posting was done every other day for inevitable performance and branding of the industries. WebIndia Master looked at every possible detailing and improved it with professionalism, expertise and knowledge.


The businesses under Hospital Industries that we dealt with saw themselves rising under the Search Engine Result Pages and in the eyes of the people who were using the internet for looking for the best hospitals. The website loading speed and the content quality were hugely improved that helped in engaging the organic traffic.

So, if you are willing to improve the rankings of your business website and make it big in your field without spending a lot of money, you shall reach for the best services that are only served by WebIndia Master. We keep a close eye on futuristic strategies and include them in the projects that we handle. It helps in accentuating their current position and garnering more attention from the target audience. In case of any help or suggestions, feel free to call us.

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